Board Members

Promise International board members are made up of a very diverse group of professionals. Each board member was drawn to Promise International due to their desire to help abused and forgotten special needs children in Africa. Most of the Board Members are also donors for this wonderful Charity.

Our Team


Daniel Tulibagenyi - Founder

Daniel Tulibagenyi is the Founder of Promise International. He was born and raised in Uganda, before moving to United States in 2015, he worked in Academia, Advocacy and Civic platforms. He graduated from Highlands College , Birmingham USA in 2019.

Daniel is called to serve the special needs children, orphans and mothers who are living in poverty while mobilizing others to join in those efforts to share the Gospel.

He is a father of John Tulibagenyi and Edith Asher Tulibagenyi.

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Richard and Becky King

Rich and Becky met Daniel in 2020 and have been involved with the Promise International ministry ever since. Rich is a retired US Air Force Officer and Becky is a bookkeeper and former military spouse/home school mom. Rich and Becky have been married since 1996 and are the proud parents of 3 children.

Richard King: “My heart breaks to see how great the need is. Promise International is doing God’s work and it is such a privilege to be a part of this ministry.” Matthew 9:36-38

Becky King: “I support Promise International to help Ugandan orphans and their mothers. It is clear that God has His hands on this ministry and I want to be a part of His work.”

Ryan Daugherty

Ryan Daugherty

Ryan Daugherty is Sr. Vice President for a Major Powersports Company based in Texas.  Currently living in Auburn, AL, Ryan grew up in Mobile, AL and attended Troy State University. Ryan is an entrepreneur and has started, built, and sold several nationwide Powersports companies.

Ryan, along with Sherri Daugherty have been involved with many Christian Churches throughout their many years of marriage.   Ryan and Sherri became aware of the plight of Special Needs Children in Uganda and became a part of the Promise International team.

Both Ryan and Sherri believe there is no greater charity than following the teaching found in James 1:27 which states there is no greater Charity than helping widows and orphans. 

Sherri Daugherty

Sherri Daugherty

Sherri Daugherty grew up in Evergreen, AL and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in nutrition.  As a dietitian, Sherri has worked in hospitals and nursing homes and for the past 30 years has owned and operated a dietetics consulting firm. 

Sherri and Ryan Daugherty raised two sons in Alabama.  Over the years the Daugherty’s were involved in several Churches and helped start a Church in Auburn, AL which now serves more than 3000 worshipers on Sundays. 

Both Ryan and Sherri believe there is no greater charity than following the teaching found in James 1:27 which states there is no greater Charity than helping widows and orphans. 


Tina Emfinger

I have always had a heart for helping orphaned children. After meeting Daniel in 2020 and hearing about the ministry of Promise International, I was eager to serve in this organization. I am so honored to be a part of this ministry, and I am excited to see how God will continue to use Promise International to bless mothers and children in Uganda.

Bryant Poe

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