Our Vision

We seek an Africa in which every person, regardless of physical, developmental, emotional or sensory special needs, has the opportunity to live with dignity and to pursue the purpose(s) for which God created them.

Our Mission

Our deepest desire is to see a place where all people, no matter what their physical or mental capabilities are, will be accepted for who God made them to be.​

In Uganda, children are segregated from their families, schools, and churches because of their disorders. It is believed that their disabilities will bring a curse on their family, and those who associate with them. This belief has led to many children being beaten, tortured, neglected, and even killed.

We believe in following the example of Jesus our Lord, who healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and cleansed the lepers (Luke 7:22). We believe that in Christ’s kingdom, we don’t run away from the neglected, or mistreated, we run to them.

We strive to see change, and by God’s grace, we will.

We ask that you join us on this journey and support us in whatever way God has put on your heart. Please pray for our mission.

Second Section

Support Us

Support special needs children in Uganda to have access to education, food, Medicare and clothing and live a dignified lives.


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Changing Hearts and Minds in Africa
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